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In Our House: Robbie Rapids' Emotionally Charged Alt-Rock Hit

Robbie Rapids
Robbie Rapids

Dwell into the vibrant whirlpool of alternative rock with the incredibly eclectic Robbie Rapids in his latest hit, 'In our House'! Emerging from Atlanta's thriving music scene, this uber-talented singer and guitarist originally hails from Grand Rapids, MI, but now calls Atlanta, GA his home. Robbie's uniquely captivating sound traverses a myriad of rock subgenres, including hard rock, pop rock, alternative rock, indie rock, and adult-oriented rock. But wait – there's more! He also dabbles in the rich flavours of southern rock, blues rock, and even country/folk rock. Prepare to be amazed by his incredible fusion of styles!

Saturated with the hues of crispy electric guitar riffs, In Our House channels the appalling rush of anger and rage of the artist.

The soul-stirring track 'In Our House' lays bare the raw emotions of a wounded Robbie, revealing his vulnerability as he peels away the facade of his once-happy marriage. With every haunting note, he grapples with the puzzling absence of their shared memories and questions the foundation of their relationship. As Robbie wades through the stormy waters of heartbreak, reliving moments that once brought joy, he is shrouded in melancholy and weighed down with regret. Plagued by doubt, he wonders if love ever truly blossomed and whether he can navigate the path to healing and rediscover love again. In this achingly honest portrayal, Robbie is left to confront his own solitude amidst the shattered pieces of his past.

Test the melody down below -



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