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Illusory Incantations: Unlocking Pop's Melodic Manifestos via Edie Yvonne's 'Delusion'!

Queen of teen pop, Eddie Yvonne returns to the masses with her brand new release,' Delusion'! A 15-year-old singer/songwriter hailing from Los Angeles, Edie has been meticulously paving her way as a pop star with her dynamic releases. With tracks like 'On Your Mind', 'Stain' and 'In the Rain' making a way into our hearts and minds, she has opened doors of uncertainty and experimentalism at a very young stage, and by doing so has become a ray of hope for many budding artists. Inspiring us yet again, let's give a heart to her Valentine's special track,' Delusion'!

Edie Yvonne
Edie Yvonne

A track that unmasks the good, bad and ugly about delusion, this tries to tell us how delusion as a feeling extends beyond boundaries into one believing in themselves, and realising that they're capable of conquering the world.

'Delusion' feels like Edie providing access to her secret potion of success in all aspects of her life, which is none other than delusion. What emerges as a feeling of faith, self-love and optimism might come off as gaudy, narcissistic or weird to others, has truly been a guiding light for her career progression and personal growth. Through this track, Edie tries to spread the message of how Delusion has worked out for her so far, and how her listeners can utilise the power of being in their bubble to believe that they too, can achieve success and pursue and grace their dreams without any external motivation. With her poignant lyrics, she tells us how even though some mean eyes look down upon her, with the power of healthy delusion or self-belief, she has come this far, and this is just the start. We cannot wait for you to reach the epitome of success Edie, and the world is here for you to witness it! A must-listen track for everyone!

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