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Come dance around a campfire with Karen Atkins' 'Somebody'

Filled with sunshine and hope, Karen Atkins is a joyous indie folk creator who never lets an opportunity to connect with the world go to waste. With each line of her song, she splashes out a ray of happiness to the people around her. The artist is a cheery singer-songwriter from SAN MIGUEL DE ALLENDE, Mexico, conceptualizing music as a conduit for her emotions for almost a decade now. Her creations scuffle with the extraordinary illumination available to ordinary people — through love, new experiences, and the ability to view the world in a new light.

Karen Atkins
Karen Atkins
Karen Atkins' music is somewhat painted with nostalgia, love, and the brightest of yellow on a canvas, an enchanting string of folk music.

A spellbinding montage compiled with snapshots of love and friendship for knowns and strangers alike: this track's visual capsulation directed by Karen Atkins takes you on a euphoric ride of emotions.

Sheltering a mellow pace and a gem of lustrous vocals, 'Somebody' sounds like pixie dust shining in the golden hour. It is a melody you could sing and dance on around fire on the beach with complete strangers.

Spin on this mellifluous melody down here:

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