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Resilience and Courage: An ode to the battle with toxicity is 'War to Peace'

Rising above the labyrinth of drugs and bad choices, Abby London found music as a healing angel for all the tragedy she went through. Swirling in Seattle, United States, London is an American Alt-pop singer moving the spotlight to the political corrupts and local crimes, attempting to bring about justice for the people struggling. Mixing and brewing an amusing powder of alt-

pop, London's rhythms are as addictive as caffeine. 

Abby London
Abby London
With an exceptional approach to the conflicts between heart and mind, 'War to Peace' serves as a safe place for people who have yet to choose the right path to peace.

Recorded, produced and released by Abby London and Jakael Tristram, and mastered by Emerson Mancini, 'War to Peace' is a soundtrack you will connected to. "I know I’m not lucky and I’m not unique. I went to war and I found peace. Might not make sense to you but it makes sense to me," the artist sings as she expresses her battle with the pain and agony someone she loved had caused that she fought through and emerged a winner by conquering peace for herself. The song speaks about self realization and how you must go resort to war to give yourself the love and care you deserve.

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