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Delusions and Daydreams: Contemporary Pop's Whispers of A Weary Heart with Talia Grace's 'From Under You'

Talia Grace returns to the music scene with her debut album 'From Under You' and this has everything in it for you to fall in love! Hailing from the vibrant city of Los Angeles, California, Talia was inquisitive to venture into music ever since she was seven, Growing up, she evolved from taking piano lessons to playing shows with her siblings, and ever since then she hasn't looked back. With her debut release Melancholy getting everyone hooked to her enchanting allures, she derives her artistic inspiration from folk creatives like Noah Gunderson and Phoebe Bridgers. Exploring themes of sadness and misery, let's explore the reflective reverberations of her brand-new album! 

Talia Grace
Talia Grace

'From Under You' is an angelic call from a shattered heart, that is slowly pounding for yearning, depicted in the most beautiful manner possible.

We start this journey of solace with the notions of romantic reflections with 'The Girl Before The Girl'. A poignant reflection that implies how being someone who one doesn't have to beg to stay can have its implications. The fact that being understanding and loveable can still lead you on the ground to nowhere, as they might still find somebody else. The next track on the line is a moment of dilemma and endless questions, about wanting them to fall in love with you. 'Lavender Latte' is soulful, pacifying and a track full of gentleness and structure. This also takes the listeners back into moments of nostalgia, where the tales of the past have cast a spell on the protagonist's mind, that being a souvenir in her beloved's life is the bare minimum she's striving for.

'Smoke' on the contrary, is a reverie that channels the intense pain, dogma and dearth of disgrace one falls into after getting their heart broken. With a void within, they remain deprived of life and get flashbacks from their memories together as if they were smoke as if they're omnipresent. This is my personal favorite out of all the tracks here and is a beautiful romanticization of gloominess. Last but not least, we land into the world of salvation with 'Greedy Reminders', where Talia is reflecting upon her life about the greedy reminders that still haunt her. Overall, I loved the angelic notions of Talia's voice and she has an element of grace while conveying raw emotions, which is rare in the current nuances of the industry. 

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