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Hustle Harmony: Pumping Up the Passion with Megaciph's 'Get Up'!

Megaciph rises to fame with yet another hip-hop rap reverie 'Get Up'! Megaciph is a creative acronym for all the mental energies and positive harmony that gather in circulations, where cyphers mean bigger circles of influence. Being true to his name, Megaciph's music is free from rampant materialism and aims to impart freshness to the modern era of rap. As someone who wears his heart on his sleeve. his music cannot be put into the usual "rap" category, as it carries forward a plethora of musical influences with utmost grace. Let's dive into the ethereal notions of Megaciph's sound!  


An enthusiastic number that would motivate the masses to go above and beyond with their energy, this glides smoothly as a power-packed banger.

Channeling emotions of gratitude, courage, and energy, this is full of jazz-infused notions that would make you want to fulfil your dreams. Urging the masses to get up and take the shot, despite whatever's holding them down, this would assimilate a 'now or never' spirit in your mind and soul, carries a perfect blend of softness and hip-hop angst, and would explicitly appeal to those on the dancefloor. Accompanies by the enchantress Miss Primrose, this is too groovy to ignore, and is a must-listen number for the masses! 

Test this uplifting melody down below -

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