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Here's Why Crazy by Carson Ferris is a Teen Rebel Resonance in Disguise

Carson Ferris
Carson Ferris

At just 13, originating from Provo, Utah, Carson Ferris is taking the music world by storm with his unique blend of pop and rock influences. Picking up the electric guitar at 6, Carson's passion led him to perform with bands and choirs before going solo. Undeterred by the 2020 global pause, he released the captivating single "Can't Be Without You" in October 2021. Drawing inspiration from artists like Journey, OneRepublic, and the Jonas Brothers, Carson's relatable music connects with all ages. He began online schooling in 2020 to fully focus on his craft and has performed at local festivals while collaborating with top producers."Crazy," his latest number that was released on June 16th, 2023, explores young love and taps into his own experiences as a budding musician. The song carries infectious energy like Jonas Brothers' "Sucker" and Kelly Clarkson's "Since U Been Gone. Carson Ferris's undeniable talent and dedication make him a rising star worth watching out for.

This potent reminder not to give up on one's passion combines teenage emotions, vibrant rock rhythms, catchy "na na nas," and rap elements—symbolizing the core of determination and persistence.

"Crazy" narrates the tale of defying expectations and chasing dreams, regardless of the doubts and constraints others impose. At first glance, the song centres on young love being judged prematurely. However, Carson intended to convey his own experience as a budding musician, often dismissed as too young and inexperienced. He penned "Crazy" at age 11 for a love song challenge but infused it with the struggles he faced in the music world. The track exudes a unique gritty rock essence, encapsulating the scepticism and censure aimed at Carson's youthful aspirations. Beyond its surface, "Crazy" evolves into an anthem for everyone who has faced hurdles on their journey to success.

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