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Heartland Harmony: Exploring the Feilds of Folklore with Joyann Parker's 'Sconnie Girl'

Serving an ode to her heart that beats for unfathomable nostalgia, Joyann Parker returns to the music scene with her brand new melody, 'Sconnie Girl'! A singer, songwriter, the producer with her roots in church and a solid foundation in musical education, Joyann derives inferences from a plethora of genres. Combining elements of soul, R&B, jazz, gospel and traditional blues, she creates indelible and unforgettable musical experiences via her artistry. A star on the rise in the Minneapolis music scene with her solo debut record,' Hard To Love', let's witness the freshness of Joyann via this release!

Joyann Parker
Joyann Parker
A single that sheds light on a sense of belongingness that one experiences while being at home, feels like a fresh breeze of air.

Almost striking a chord with everyone,' Sconnie Girl' is a rock-infused moment of pop rock that provides a room to understand Joyann's identity, which was shaped in Wisconsin. Almost delightful, fun to hear and extremely groovy, this track combines elements of spoken-word singles and almost sounds like a perfectly calming track at first hear. Celebrating the backwoods and rustiness of being from a community, Joyann almost takes pride in being a small-town girl here with big dreams, by combining themes like resilience, star-swaggering blues delivery and contemporary country hits. With this release, we're sure the listeners would lose their cool to the world of rock and roll!

Test this adorable melody down below -

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