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Heart in Mental Handcuffs: Hip-Hop's Neural Numbness with Love Ghost's 'God Damn'

Step into the heartfelt notions of Love Ghost's brand new release 'God Damn' and this right here will dwindle with your heart like never done before! A beautiful collaboration with the Mexican legend ND KOBI, this release was produced by the artist Mexico's Shantra( Santa Fe Klan, Piso 21 and many others) and is reportedly a part of the maestro's upcoming album. A critically acclaimed artist garnering praise from big names like the Rolling Stones, American Songwriter, FLAUNT, Earmilk, Lyrical Lemonade and many more, Love Ghost is on the rise for good and he deserves it! Let's give his next emotional rollercoaster a listen!

Love Ghost
Love Ghost

With every passing word of this song, one can sense a void in there being heard out loud. Despite the state of mind you're in this will strike a chord.

A beautiful and emotive reverberation that is a blend of genres like R&B, emo and alternative with a hint of Latin, this is a deep soul-stirring narrative about being out of your mind, to an extent where you almost feel paralyzed within the depths of your thoughts. "I'm not living and I'm not dead, I'm just hanging on by a thread.", with such a dauntingly paranoid lyrical landscape this paints a picture of uncertainty and utmost turmoil that one can feel in their lives because of all the wrecking moments and experiences they've gone through. This is bound to create impact and I recommend this to give a try!

Test this emotive melody down below -

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