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Harmonizing Hearts: Grace & Moji's Journey Through Love and Music in 'Tipping Point'

Grace & Moji, the Los Angeles-based artist/producer duo, captivate audiences with their exploration of love, creative expression, and healing. Their heartfelt storytelling, quirky lyrics, and lush arrangements weave a sonic tapestry that takes listeners on a transformative journey. Grace's background in classical piano and voice, combined with Martin's award-winning music production skills, creates a unique fusion of self-discovery and authentic expression. Together, they bring a fresh perspective to the music scene, impacting all who experience their artistry.

A track that feels like a soothing hue of nostalgia and self-reflection, this transcends the horizons of surrealism at so many levels.

A song, a soothing acoustic symphony that feels like a calming echo through one’s soul, peering through you as a shimmer of light and hope. Affirming things to be different, ‘Tipping Point’ embodies an endless climb toward seeing the light while also serving as an escape through the chaos and hiatus of life’s narratives, a direct yet beautiful connotation of the duo's bond and the riffs.

Test this enchanting melody down below -

Grace & Moji
Grace & Moji



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