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Harmonic Honor Code: Sonic Saga of Moral Mastery in Proklaim's 'STARFALL'

Reviving pacifying palpitations of modern R&B, Proklaim yet again showcases diversity with his latest release, 'STARFALL'! Drawing musical inferences from icons like Tupac, Jay-Z, Nas and Lauryn Hill, Proklaim's tracks are usually titled after the instrumentals utilised in the song, and are often a testament to his free and flexible style of music. His Kingz video has also gained acclamation on MTV Base, and this is just the start of his rise. Recorded in PenPushaz Studio and mixed by Audio Art Namibia, this talks about prevailing even when things take time.


Trying to get his listeners out of merrylands and fairytales, 'STARFALL' feels like a bare testament to the hard-wired realities of life and the lessons we learn, your personalized rulebook to lead a better life, existing in the most subtle manner possible.

'Show me love and it's always been a sacrifice', with such poignant lyrics, Proklaim attempts to unmask the harsh truths of human behaviour, whether it's in regards to love, career or any area for that matter. With his rapping style becoming more akin to his thoughts with every new release, he doesn't hesitate to throw light on the way the world around us works. With an afro-inspired beatscape, the rap style used here is although more reflective than it has ever been before. It is mellow, crisp and extremely soulful.

Test this monumental melody down below -

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