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Hallucinatory hypnotizing harmony: 'Ascetic Dream' sounds like an elixir.

Contemplating and composing music since the early age of only twelve years old, OXIROMA is an exquisitely skilled instrumentalist based in the city of Cyprus, Limassol. In an attempt to reach the heart and soul of people through only his tunes, the artist puts all his sweat and hard work into his work. He crafts quite a whimsical set of melodies, woven with notes that sound like the waves and tides of the sea at midnight with nothing but silence, giving off a calming, serene aura. Having a lot of previous pop projects set around touring, OXIROMA is the artist's new path to approach the realm of music spiritually.

To experience the tranquility of heaven and fantasy, you only need to close your eyes and listen to OXIROMA's 'Ascetic Dream': a melody brimming with peace and magic.

A creation that boggles your mind. 'Ascetic Dream' is a soundtrack composed by OXIROMA recently that makes you believe again. Starting with a slow, smooth beginning, airy enough to capture your heart's interest, the track goes on to form a mystical world of its own, not really changing its pace but surely increasing its ability to trap you in its swirl of beauty.

Take a glance at this wonderful melody down below:

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