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Gunning Grooves: Every bar hits deeply in 'Knock On My Door'

Alicia Daydreams is a growing, up-and-coming teen pop star. Hailing from London, UK, Alicia set sail for a musical voyage at a very young. At just 18 years old, the artist has excelled and acquired a vast fandom and continues to attract more and more audiences. Experiencing the twists and turns of the music industry's maze-like journey, Alicia has already secured a spotlight as a talented performer, writer, composer, and producer, and who knows what more skills she shelters within!

Alicia Daydreams
Alicia Daydreams
Alicia's extraordinary brewing of sounds blurs the lines between genres and results in a unique and addictive compilation of rhythms and harmonies.

Leaving her footprint with yet another marvelous record, 'Knock On My Door,' Alicia proves to the world her million-dollar worth. This magnificently crafted track houses the dreamy vocals of the artist and complements it with the most groovy and alluring melody. As a female myself, I'm sure that every girl in the world would be able to connect to this track at some point in her life.

Take this addictive melody for a spin down here:

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