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God's Playlist Pivot: Witness the journey from Heartache to Harmony with Joshua Pearlstein's 'Endorphins'

Step into the hypnotic cyber funk psychedelia of Joshua Pearlstein's 'Endorphins'! Adding flavors of playful drama and energy to modern-day pop, Joshua emerges as a visionary who's renounced as a prolific musician with a flair for the songwriting process. Drawing influence from legends in the game like Michael Jackson, Lady Gaga, Prince and Justin Timberlake, the artist relies heavily on his creative instincts to create his music. As someone curious about the landscape of music right from high school, Joshua has covered a plethora of genres under this maestro, ranging from club bangers to mainstream pop. Let's witness the musical wrath of Joshua's music!

Joshua Pearlstein
Joshua Pearlstein

An outrageously smoky uprising of self-awareness, this feels like destiny's call to action for the artist to conquer the world.

'Endorphins' is a pure dramatic and energetic melody that captures the essence of power, glory and creative wrath. Packed with feelings of mystery, adventure and thrill, this is a base-driven bop that will almost make you groove. Blessed with the beauty of Joshua's pacifying highs and lows and almost charming voice, this will almost make you elope in a story driven by god's actions, trying to tell as if his love is hidden from him only for him to focus on music creation. I found the track super-groovy and I think everybody needs to experience this once!

Test this infectious melody down below -

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