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Fuel to the Fire: Hip-hop's Swagger Surges with Jwavy's 'BeastMode'

Jwavy is back at delivering bops with his brand new hip-hop release 'BeastMode' and here's everything you need to know about it! A direct descendant of the genius of Seattle-based hip-hop legend Mr Benjamin, the twenty-three-year-old rapper is here to take the rap world by storm! As someone who seeks advice from my brother, Jwavy is a breakout legend who carries the voice of an enchantress, as vibrant as her smile. Paving a path to success for many, let's witness the overflowing energy of Jwavy's music! 

A based-driven beat serenade that feels like a rich ounce of lyrical lemonade, all the rhymes on the rap release 'BeastMode' seem to sit right, getting you hooked.

This video is all about themes of hustle and grind and falls smooth and delicate on the ears. Drawing inspiration from the Seattle Seahawk Por-Bowler Marshawn Lynch, this is subtle and would motivate you to respect the singer through all life's experiences. This is the new anthem for all the bougie girls who know their act and wish to make a name for themselves, and the track's video features y2k landscapes of luxury, self-confidence and pride. Then enters MariBasd1's rap verses, that seem to take you off-guard from the song's themes for a wild second. The beat here is a bop, getting the listeners addicted to Jwavy's lyrical serenades. Overall, I must say I am hooked and so will you be. 

Test this groovy melody down below -

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