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From SoundCloud to Center Stage: Dax's Unstoppable Climb


An icon and a sensation hailing from the lands of Wichita, United States, ‘Dax’ , aka Daniel Nwosu Jr. is a 29-year-old Canadian rap-pop revelation who’s constantly continuing to move mountains. A person having multiple feathers in his cap, Daniel turned into Dax during his tenure at Newman University. The flight to become the multi-faceted singer, songwriter, producer and actor we know today officially took off after the release of his music video to the song,” Cash Me Outside”, Dax has really come along a long long way!

A beautiful anecdote of reality, Dax narrates the painful chapters of his life, all the blood, sweat and tears that took him to reach the point where he is today.

Dax narrates his painful picture, an alternative painfully daunting reality that also co-exists with his success and accomplishments. Right from his mom's worsened health to his finding psychosis, the artist delves deep into his very own behind-the-stage presence and finally takes his infamous mask off and bleeds a sorrowful picture. The traumatic past that approaches his mind into thinking about the blurred lines of life and death every now. 'I've been Dax so long I get PTSD when someone says my real name' telling us how his stage presence of 'Dax' the rap artist has shadowed and will forever continue to cover for the younger rock-hearted and bold human who's gone through it all. He describes how painfully excruciating it is to even think about the shackles he was brought up in, the devastating emotions of trauma that he now personifies into making an impact.

Test this finely crafted melody down below -



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