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From Emo Rap to Alt-Rap Royalty: Blake Yung's Unstoppable Journey

Blake Yung
Blake Yung

Portland's very own rising star, Blake Yung, has been creating ripples in the Emo Rap/Alternative scene. April 2020 marked the arrival of his phenomenal introductory EP, "I'm Fine", which boasted collaborations with the likes of MOD SUN and CASKEY. This pivotal moment showcased Blake's one-of-a-kind talent and turned heads in the music realm. His creative journey flourished as he teamed up with platinum producer Supah Mario for their debut collaborative album, "LEADER OF THE LOST SOULS". Fast forward to 2023, and Blake is back with his electrifying new single "Next", featuring Benny Mayne - a track that revives the signature fusion of Alternative and Rap his fans can't get enough of.

The song weaves a powerful tale of healing from heartache while blending intense hip-hop 808s - truly encapsulating vulnerability at its most raw and evocative.

"Next" dropped on August 18th, 2023, marking Blake's first collaboration with Benny Mayne. This soul-beckoning tune compilation celebrates embracing change and embarking on fresh beginnings. Renowned outlets like Lyrical Lemonade have praised the single for capturing Blake's unique rap sound. Serving as the appetizer to his highly-anticipated EP set for release in September, "Next" is masterfully crafted by Grammy-nominated producer and engineer Eric Von, who has worked with the renounced industry giants like Mod Sun, Sonder, Naomi Wild, and more. The track perfectly melds auto-tuned vocals inspired by Travis Scott with powerful 808s, binding keyboard melodies to create an irresistible sonic experience for listeners of all ages. Eager fans can look forward to the music video premiering on Lyrical Lemonade's platform when "Next" is released. A roller coaster ride at its finest, 'Next' is the righteous melodic bop every hip-hop listener must definitely pay a listen to.

Test this evocative melody down below -



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