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Folklore Unearthed: Unveiling the Soulful Essence of 'Mythologies' By Herald K

Herald K
Herald K

Hailing from the mystical fjords of Norway, the enigmatic singer-songwriter Herald K now calls the historic city of Vienna, Austria, his home. His striking debut album captivated listeners in 2019, and now he's working tirelessly to unveil 'Mythologies'—his sophomore masterpiece—on the 12th of May, 2023. With five enthralling singles already stirring up the buzz from critics and fans alike, Herald K's music is breaking boundaries across the globe. These majestic tunes have paved the way for unforgettable double-bills with Canadian sensation Freeman Dre in Hamburg (2022), and a mesmerizing performance alongside Early James (US) & Kevin Dempsey (UK) in Vienna this upcoming May. Delving into the shadowy realm of 'Folk Noir', Herald K weaves captivating tales through his enigmatic songs, blending acoustic melodies with influences drawn from ancient literature that echoes through time.

A beautiful composition of verses full of cultural and ancient inferences, the EP 'Mythologies' makes a statement about the artist's admiration for the traditional beliefs of his culture and offers a unique blend of modern and traditional sounds, creating a captivating sonic journey through the artist's mythologies.

Dive into the mystical realm of 'Mythologies', an album that takes you on a captivating musical voyage. As you dive deeper, you'll discover ancient treasures, enigmatic relics, and paradoxical creations that resurface for a brief moment before vanishing back into the abyss. Uncover ancient treasures and enigmatic relics as you immerse yourself in ten enthralling tracks inspired by mythological themes, both traditional and modern. This homage to acoustic instruments shines with postmodern flair, inviting you to unravel the mysteries, wisdom, and inspiration behind each enchanting melody. So take a step back and ponder: What secrets do these myths hold, and what wisdom do they impart? What inspired the artist to choose this enigmatic selection? How do the non-mythological tracks intertwine with the overarching theme? Join us in unravelling the mysteries woven within this captivating collection of mythical melodies.

Test the melodies of the EP down below -



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