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Folklore Funk: Chronicles of Country Beat Beast with Calamity Jay's 'Music Monster'

Calamity Jay returns to the music scene with the dystopian funks of her mystery-infused brand new single,' Music Monster'! Comprising of the dynamic duo of Rahel Rosenwald and JayC, the creatives got together while they were coincidentally auditioning for another band. Their sound carries forward the wind of the folk and rock of the '70s and 80's and has majestically captivated masses even at the Ambialet Presqu'île Blues Festival held in France in 2022. With multiple singles down the line and many more to come, let's witness the aurora of Calamity Jay's sound! 

Calamity Jay
Calamity Jay

A mystical musical kaleidoscope with hints of yeehaw gleaming through as you proceed through this tune, this is pleasant, refreshing and weirdly funky on the ears.

'Music Monster' starts with the howling of wolves, making you deep dive into a mystery gaze designed specifically to lure you in. Then as we proceed through the howling, the bass takes over and then the angelic voice of Rahel finally approaches us to drive us crazy, stylized by the groovy atypical guitar synths of JayC, giving off Calamity Jay vibes. A midpoint or melting point where the genres of Folk-blues and indie-pop collide, this ought to become the duo's signature sound. Overall, this is a vibrant experience that will entice your ears and is a must-listen.

Test this funky melody down below -

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