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Flickering Funk: 'One Dub' is a product of connection and camaraderie

Discovering his love for music at a young age, Ari Joshua's sonic odyssey started a long time ago. Born in Cape Town, South Africa, & raised in Seattle, WA, Ari devoted himself to this art form and gained well-deserved recognition by recording, performing, & collaborating with Rock 'n Roll legends like Stone Gossard (Pearl Jam), Michel Shreive (Santana), Barrett Martin (Mad Season & Screaming Trees), & Peter Buck (REM). Collaborating with Ari at his recent session, where the phenomenal EP 'One Dub' was birthed, is renowned drummer John Kimock, bassist Andy Hess, and keyboardist Eden Ladin.

Ari Joshua
Ari Joshua
This vocal-less creation by Ari Joshua, 'One Dub', is an astounding vessel sheltering a stream of emotions that takes you on a chaotic yet relieving sentimental odyssey.

As a product of creativity and camaraderie with a group of passionate musicians, Ari introduces this extraordinary yet familiar composition titled 'One Dub'. The record gives off a sense of nostalgia and solitude. The mellow pace and exciting tone set a refreshing aura and let you feel at ease, a track made to relax and think.

Experience calmness with this melody down here:

Discover more melodies like this:


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