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Fleeting Frustration: Navigating through the Transient Tempos of Podge Lane's 'Down'

Podge Lane is back with the home-grown mellow synths of his new sonic reverie, 'Down'! Podge belongs to Cork City, which is the reason for the whys and hows of his artistic character. His sound comes off as surreal, and unique and is a beautiful result of his experiences with folk and alt-country, As someone who went solo as an artist back in 2018, his debut singles,' The Dark' and 'Move On' garnered a massive amounts of critical accolades. With a lyricism so honest and a production style so experimental, Podge is a musical marvel in disguise. Let's give it up for this authentic verse!

Podge Lane
Podge Lane

A sombre yet hard-hitting track about dealing with criticism, this is a subtle response to all the folks who make you succumb to the thoughts of not being good enough.

'Down' is a sombre composition combining different elements of rock, especially its subtle drums and awe-inspiring electric guitar solos. Going high and high like wildfire as we proceed through the track, this talks about how some people just competitively look down on you and project their insecurities on you by saying stuff that discourages you from within. It surprisingly also has piano synths at the end, thereby being a track that tells you how it isn't always bold and loud that make you feel heard, but tracks as soft and immaculately soft like this that can do the same thing.

Test this soul-stirring melody down below -

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