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Exploring Nu-Music with Sugar Nova's 'Send Me Higher'

Sugar Nova
Sugar Nova

Brace yourselves for the iconic soundwaves of 'Send Me Higher Remix' by Sugar Nova and Chalk Dinosaur! Hailing from Denver, this collaborative was the thought work of the legendary Luke Miller and powerful Rachel Eisenstat. Having a beautiful musical palette of magical genres like Nu-Disco, Electronic/Dance, Indie, Dreampop, Chilly Wave and many more, their first work of art debuted in the year 2023. Luke and Rachel both hold beautiful sonic tapestries of their own, with Luke performing at festivals like Electric Forest and Bonnaroo, and Rachel singing in various sound groups in Denver. Both have bonded together for the purpose of creating amped-up dreamy, pacifying yet dance-indusing songs.

A call to elope your minds into the realms of groovy nu-music, 'Send Me Higher', well, indeed sends you high into a dreamland of endless possibilities!

A track that exactly feels like its name, 'Send Me Higher' is a marvellous collaborative effort of Sugar Nova and Chalk Dinosaur, that truly signals an epic dance redemption! With its tranquil Music, Edm and Dance beats, this feels like a calming breeze of fresh air on a hot sunny day. It teleports you to an exotic summer beach extravaganza and will truly set you free! 'Send Me Higher' Remix also channels an iconic 70s dance number energy, tuned and rewired to specifically serve the latest EDM dreams! It is indeed a single you would not want to stop grooving to, as it also feels like the nostalgic 2016s, and is a perfect beat to elevate your mood from its core! Happy vibrations only!

Test this euphoric melody down below -



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