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Experience music transcending into art with The Screaming Pope’s Our Love Is Music

George Bolton, pen-named The Screaming Pope is a multifaceted artist: a songwriter, a songwriter, an engineer and a former Music Video Assistant. His musical career stretches through Rhode Island, Chicago, Boston, and New York. Pioneering Electronic music since 1979, The Screaming Pope is a seasoned virtuoso of this genre. Still, he is also the embodiment of the fluidity of music itself, ever-evolving and pushing the boundaries. His creative journey is one that has etched a remarkable impact on his listener base for eternities to come. An artist you should give a try as they grow on you.

The Screaming Pope

Our Love Is Music is the expression of those silences between lovers that they could never fill. Where words do not suffice, this song will.

"Our Love Is Music" was recorded at George Bolton’s home studio in Boston. The song, according to Bolton, came together beautifully while he was trying to explore diverse musical genres in an attempt to expand his musical horizons. He believes in loving one another and this purgates artfully in his song. The song "Hands On You" comes in smoothly with an atmospheric vibe. The track sounds spacey and lowkey which construcs a vivid image in your head. Love is expressed in the album's purest and most natural form. The instrumentals of the track "Brown Eyes Blinking" stood out for me. The astonishing female vocals, come with a deep yet sweet essence. 

The album is appropriate for you if you are looking for something chill to listen to on the go. The lyrics are heartfelt and deep. Each song introduces a new atmosphere to the album. This makes "Our Love Is Music" a cohesive album with the best of both worlds- instrumental bliss and lyrical excellence. The aptly paced songs are accompanied by lyrics that say what you and I could never express, making this song a voice of all our hearts. Indeed, it is a musical composition to cherish! 

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