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Exennial: Fish and Scale's Captivating Single 'Wonderful' to Lift Spirits

Fish and Scale
Fish and Scale

Discover the enchanting allure of acoustics in Fish and Scale's captivating new release, 'Stay!'. Hailing from the picturesque region of Franconia in southern Germany, Roland Wälzlein, known as Fish and Scales, faced an existential crossroads at the tender age of six. After enduring a major heart surgery, he genuinely embraces the precious gift of life and builds upon the profound essence of existence as he feels blessed to have the simple opportunity to live.

Embark on a spellbinding odyssey to discover the roots of your very being – a quest for self-realization.

The track 'Wonderful' speaks volumes about innate yearning for fulfilment, love, and liberty igniting the spark to forge your unique path. Shake off societal shackles that deceive you into chasing fleeting happiness from external accomplishments. Embrace the breathtaking splendour of existence, recognizing your invaluable worth beyond triumphs and tribulations. Feel the profound depths of emotion and witness a sublime union between you and all you perceive. Unshackle mental constraints, leaving behind walls and masquerades while ceasing to conjure worlds in your mind's eye. Be alive in the present, mindful that everything you crave is already here; your heart's desire simply awaits discovery within your soul.

Test the melody down below -



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