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Every note echoes Carpe Diem in Proklaim’s THIEVES

Proklaim is a versatile solo artist who embarked on his musical journey in 2011, beginning initially with raps while learning guitar. Inspired by music giants like Nas, Tupac, Jay Z, Lauryn Hill and Drake, Proklaim’s music reflects a cultivated music style reflecting his inclination towards these artists. The artist has made his mark on television with an appearance on MTV Bass on Kingz Video. Proklaim’s musical journey is set to sail through realms straight into the hearts of the listeners and for the artist, there is no looking back from here!

THIEVES is a scurrying fusion of creativity and lyricism, making it a standout piece in Rap.

THIEVES is an innovative rap song that stands out with its catchy beats skillfully portraying the ebbs and flows of life and society through the artist’s creative lens. It was recorded in Namibia and mixed by Lu Daz in Florida. It was the first of the three tracks laid in 2023 by the artist. The song's message comes out pretty clear with a unique cadence that adds to its uniqueness: trust the intuitions that your heart channels towards you, often that is the guiding force which will stir you home to your purpose.

Test the melody down here-

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