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Enlightened Soundscapes: Anjalts' Sonic Commentary on Warfare in 'War is so Primitive'

Anjalts, a prolific songwriter and multi-instrumentalist released with a unique artistic perspective, the song explores the timeless theme of conflict, dissecting its primitive nature through intricate layers of sound. A rich and diverse upbringing has moulded a unique songwriter and musician who emerged on the music scene in the early 2000s.


Bluency Chronicles: Anjalts' Soul-Stirring Reflections in 'War is so Primitive' make us realize that even after evolving so much, we still take part in primitive behaviour like war and battles.

Anjalts unfolds "War is so Primitive," marking the seventh release from her eagerly awaited album 'Bluency,' The track immerses listeners in an energetic synth-wave ambience, weaving electrifying guitar riffs into a bass-driven backdrop.

The track delves into alternative perspectives on wars and conflicts, serving as a poignant reminder of their devastating impact on humanity.

Lyrically, "War Is So Primitive" engages listeners with introspective and evocative verses, offering a poetic reflection on the destructive nature of conflict. Anjalts' vocal delivery adds a human touch to the electronic landscape, conveying the emotional weight of the lyrics. The artist's ability to fuse profound lyrical content with avant-garde soundscapes sets this track apart as a unique and compelling piece of art.

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