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Enchanting energy: 'End of the Line' reminds that actions have consequences

Marky J
Marky J

Hailing from the city of Boston, US, Marky J is a self-made rock singer and musician. Weaving a tapestry with a diverse range of emotions and transforming them into alluring melodies, this artist is sure to win your heart and get you hooked into listening to his works. His main influence comes from the great genre-fluid artists such as Eminem, Bowling For Soup, and Blink 182. He puts a lot of thought and creativity into crafting his records to maintain the pace of the rhythm and give the spotlight to the key element of his makings, storytelling.

Rhythmic, addictive, and raging-- 'End of the Line' is all those and more than enough to deliver your brain into an unreal world of the song.

We all make drunken mistakes, don't we? 'End of the Line' is about one of those mistakes many of us might have been through. When you spend a night with someone committed and trying to run away from the consequences of it, but eventually everything catches up. The pacing and harmonic tone of the track conveys the urgency of the situation and how we are also running away from some or the other thing in life.

Take this melody for a spin down here:

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