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Electricity and Thunder: A synchronized symphony of struggles is 'Just Worried Because'

Shannon Darcy

As she fell in love with the wicked beats of punk and hard rock, Shannon Darcy pounced upon the music industry and left them with no words. Based in the city of Essex, Shannon is an artist with great potential, weaving together melodies with lightning symphonies and bare emotions. With each new soundtrack, the artist has clearly expressed her love for gritty rock tunes and emotive lyrical dynamics that encapsulate her personal experiences and unique sound style.

'Just Worried Because' is a compilation of punk sounds that encourage you to own and accept all your flaws and silence your brain from thinking too much.

An electric and astonishing record oscillating through the concepts of anxiety and overthinking, Shannon Darcy's latest release 'Just Worried Because' is a melody that expresses the universally relatable struggles of anxiety disorders. The track captures the artist's real opinions and experiences she has faced throughout her life. The pulsing rhythm and textured strums create a perfect ambiance for the introspective vocals. The track not only feels like a home but also compels your feet to tap and dance away!

Test the thumping melody down here:

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