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Edie Yvonne's 'Girl Code' - Getting Shot Yet Drowning With Nostalgia

Hailing the hearts of this generation, the young maestro Edie Yvonne returns to the shackles of the musical industry with her latest release, 'Girl Code'! An LA-based pop sensation who made her mark on the music world at just the ripe age of 14, Edie's artistry, from 'On Your Mind' to 'Girl Code', is one refined and mature work of art. Being the admirable icon that she is this time her music takes an emotional turn, by intertwining elements of relativity in this latest release. Upbeat yet vulnerable, loud yet worth silencing many, this is utter 'boldness' in the form of music. Discover more about the ever-evolving Edie through 'Girl Code'!

Edie Yvonne
Edie Yvonne

Vinyl Emotions, Rage and Peak Nostalgia that make one only see the good of a person, 'Girl Code' is a soul-stirring venture that almost everyone will relate to and resonate with.

A track that explicitly narrates tails about a forgone female friendship that has been intoxicated with worldly wants and needs and the peer pressure of society. A beautiful tale of unfiltered nostalgia that just speaks volumes about how the other girl, even after several attempts to infiltrate the bond, is missed by Eddie. The instinct to only remember the good times of a situation clouds the brain of Edie like no other. A broken version of the 'girl code' culture, this is the ultimate epitome of relativity that will resonate with the hearts of many. Questioning back and forth about where her friend is leaving a snake behind her, She is tired and exhausted of giving into the endless reds of this bond, of repeatedly being tormented and hurt, but also feels lonely at the same time.

Test this soul-stirring melody down below -

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We luckily got an opportunity to interact with Eddie! Let's see what the musical gem had to say about this latest release:-

1. This new track almost feels like a fresh breath of air Edie! What was your creative take on it?

EY: I think that collaborating with producer Rio Root, which was a new experience for me, in tandem with collaborating with Maddy Simmen, created a space to dive in and share my ideas, and it was a very exciting and generative dialogue back and forth. I learned a lot in the process.

2. How do your own life experiences influence the track?

EY: Having just started high school, there are several friendships that have pivoted and unravelled. Girl Code reflects a combination of experiences and challenges of navigating changing dynamics in friendships. I think friends really begin to show their true colours at this age and time, values change, and it becomes easier to figure out who values kindness over coolness. I try to relay this in the lyrics and in the Girl Code manifesto hopefully to continue a dialogue about compassion and kindness.

3. You are truly versatile and your artistry is living proof of it! Which one of all the tracks is your favourite and why?

EY: Stain is my favourite song to date. It’s the most personal and I think perhaps can have the most impact in terms of awareness and change. I hope to raise awareness and funds for the Vascular Birthmark Foundation through the song and speak about tolerance around differences with this track. It is the most meaningful to me and is a model of how I hope to work in the future. Where art can touch activism.

4. Ironically the track talks about back-stabbing done by a friend and is named 'Girl Code'. What was the inspiration behind the name of the track?

EY: The song is inspired by friendships gone wrong yet dramatized. Trust is so important in friendship and I truly know who has my back. But when values shift and people grow apart, that bond can easily fade away. The song was a way of looking back and wondering what happened and what changed.

5. How do you think your music has evolved so far?

EY: I think that each track has been an experiment. Just starting out having the freedom to find my sound, I think that there is a level of comfortability and confidence in working with Nicky and Cormac. Also, we have a blast. And working with Rio really pushed me out of my comfort zone.

6. If you could describe all your tracks so far as themes/cores, what would they be?

EY: In the Rain is very the Summer I Turned Pretty. The stain is very cinematic. I’m writing a pilot called Stain as well. Girl Code is very Mean Girls or Clueless. On Your Mind is like a summer road trip on the coast. Darkness Bliss is giving Wednesday Adams. Queen Bee is very Heathers meets 90210.

7. How do you wish for this track to be perceived by the listeners?

EY: I hope that people can relate. I think the experience of being close to someone and a relationship ending hurts at any age. But it is very eye-opening when you are young. Like a break to the heart and a kick to the gut.

8. This honestly feels like track listeners would cry while screaming into a pillow too! How do you think the later gender will perceive it?

EY: I wrote from the perspective of my personal experiences. Fallen friendships and mean-girl encounters are such universal experiences. There seem to be some things very specific about girl-on-girl hate. Something really deep, twisted and vengeful. I hope that those who can relate to the song can also find comfort in it and the feeling of letting go of that negativity.

9. If you could describe this track as a colour, what would it be and why?

EY: Girl Code is very pink. It’s a happy, hopeful, and nostalgic. Darkness Bliss was very black/Halloween vibes. So this was an antidote to the song that came right before it.

10. Your fans seem to adore you, Edie! Have you had any memorable fan interactions so far?

EY: I feel so lucky. It feels that your first supporters are so incredibly important and meaningful. I think it is always so important to remember the people who were present first. I’m so grateful for the support and feedback. I do think that a mother in Europe who reached out about the song Stain was the most unforgettable. She has a baby girl with a birthmark and related syndrome. She said the song gave her hope that her daughter would grow and thrive and follow her dreams. I cried. That was one of the most memorable moments so far.

11. If yes, then how have they been?

EY: The support has been overwhelming. I think it’s important to take feedback but also follow your gut, instincts, and stay true to who you are. That is what I’m trying to do. To listen, learn, and trust myself.



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