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Echoes of Infatuation: Unlocking the Seduction in Sound with Sam Feinstein's 'Need Me'!

Sam Feinstein is back at teleporting us to a different reality with the numbing notions of his brand new release 'Need Me'! Hailing from Peabody Massachusetts, Sam is someone who started developing curious insights for music right at the ripe age of 7. Being profound in bass, upright bass guitar, cello, ukulele, harmonica, synth, percussion, and many more, the musical maestro has also been the founder of two bands, namely the ska and klezmer band. Having aced multiple occasions and projects, he's garnered a lot of critical acclaim for the sense of musical versatility he carries. Let's together witness the authentic wrath of Sam's sound! 

Sam Feinstein
Sam Feinstein

'Need Me' is a crossfade with dystopian realities of an infectious one-sided love, and with the amount of suspense, mystery, thrill and dilemma it carries, you're bound to be carried away into a psychedelic neverland of endless possibilities.

Conveying a sense of being lost in multiple, this feels like a sense of agitation that one-sided love can make you feel. This is full of a duality of bittersweet frustration that comes out in different ways when one becomes deprived of love. The vocals here sound almost robotic and full of glitches, as if aliens conversing with us from another dimension. Powered through with subtle bass notes, this displays emotions like rage, confusion, misery, regret, half-heartedness, and dilemma with utmost grace. Wanting their lover to confess their love to them, the protagonist here is adamant with his anger and never letting their dear one go, even if it has to happen forcefully. This in a way falls on the experimental side of prog-rock and will hypnotize you with its artistic ways.

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