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Classic Rock's Anthems of Ascent and the Abyss with Barry Muir's 'Bakersfield'

Barry Muir returns to the music scene with adventures of acoustic rock with his brand new tune compilation 'Bakersfield' and here's everything you need to know! Based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Barry joined Canada's next big rock band in his early 20s. Having garnered massive acclaim while being in the band, Barry also played with Barney Bentall and the Legendary Hearts. With such magnanimous artistry behind him, Barry now proceeds to release his 10th studio album, Bakersfield and we can assure you that it's a pure treat to the ears!  

Barry Muir
Barry Muir

A sunny burndown of all the colors Barry's life has seen, this is a kaleidoscopic tale of all the memories in the shape of nine albums, and a work of acoustic art everyone would relate to.

We start this ecstatic journey with soulful serenades of 'Show Me The Way'. A bittersweet symphony that talks about finding a way to drift through one's life by asking their beloved to show them the way, this is a beautiful tapestry that conveys pure belongingness and comfort, whilst also reflecting one's turmoil-infused relationship, of how it reminded them of who they always were. 'Worn Down to Nothing' is yet another soft-rock lament of willingness to go back in time, of wanting to be more sensible and mature back then. This feels like a regretful notion of one's actions and is very powerful at that.

The next one in the line 'Heart Made of Stone' is another captive journey of drifting through the dilemmas that culminate in one's mind as one processes trauma. We completely shapeshift with 'Bakersfield', which is a tune full of elements of nostalgia and is a reflection of then vs now in Barry's life.

'Waiting For the Sun to Rise' is yet another optimism-infused reverie that spreads the word about how patient, determined and persistently Barry has been waiting for the happy times to come, and is thereby romanticizing everything he's noticing. Another fun-loving memory in the row, 'Room with A View' is a happy-go-lucky tune that sounds and feels like summer, as if he's gone back in time.

With the next melody 'Shot Down' Barry feels a sudden dearth of regret, guilt and paranoia with the way events have turned around in his life. With this release, one can tell how devoid of comfort and genuine support Barry is, where all they'd want to do is to help them somehow. The next melody in line 'Seeing Red' would make you feel guilty for grooving along with it, as ironically it is one of the darkest melodies in the compilation, yet the most easy-going one.

Last but not least, we arrive at the concluding deep melodies of the album. The ninth melody 'You Are My Sun' would make you realize the reason for the turmoil Barry has faced throughout the album. This is a romantic reverie where although he's grateful for his beloved, but feels sorry as he's more than what she truly deserves. 'Time Keeps Going On' feels like a surreal moment of inevitable truth of his life, where he's trying to resurrect upon the glories, the good, the bad and the ugly of his life, all with the time passage that doesn't stop for anyone. This album is worth embracing, worth adoring and I would recommend listening to it once.

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