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Taste the spice of 90s rock with THE TARROWS' 'Gunpowder'

Rising from the streets of Bedford, UK, THE TARROWS is a three-legged Alt-Indie/rock band infusing mind-boggling harmonies together. Matt Astell on lead guitar and vocals, and Taylor Allerston on bass guitar and vocals, are the two older pieces, and with the newly added Nate Brown on drums and backing vocals, the band has entered a new realm of sound style that is better than ever. Their music is filled with twists and twirls at every edge and provides the listener

with everything they would need in a sonic delicacy.

Powerful and dynamic: 'Gunpowder' keeps up with its title and sounds hauntingly beautiful as it explodes in your ears.

A proper rock band you would hear in the most unknown club: THE TARROWS. Their recent release 'Gunpowder' is a musical beauty. Taking off with an energizing flow, the song continues to follow a thumping rock pace, and when you least expect it, the hard rock tunes in and gives the art piece a pair of wings, lifting it to the skies. A perfect melody for rock enthusiasts who love a twist and splash of power.

Test this melody down below:

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