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Dragon's Breath: Heavy Metal's Inferno of the Unyielding with Edge Of Paradise's 'Rogue(Aim For The Kill)'

The dynamic Edge Of Paradise returns to the masses with their electrifying new release 'Rogue(Aim For The Kill)'! Based in Los Angeles, the metal rock unit Edge of Paradise is here to save the heavy metal genre with their genre-defying sound, this power-packed release is produced by the legendary Howard Benson, along with the geniuses of Mike Plotkinoff, Nel Sanderson and mixing legend Jacob Hansen. Having multiple globally hit records and singles under their name, like the Unknown, Hologram and Lacuna Coil to name a few, let's witness their brand new theatrical burner!

Edge Of Paradise
Edge Of Paradise

Sending down jolts of pure shivers of energy and charge from their passion-driven heavy metal, the Edge of Paradise is here to conquer the world! 

A testament to utmost determination and a will to sacrifice, this is a burning desire of shattering soul to take revenge, A thunderous menace of hard rock, this is a bold and cinematic masterpiece that tells you to stand up for yourself and aim for savage those who hurt you when you were weak. This is straight-up outrageous and features heavy metal synths that will teleport the listeners in a fight scene. Comprising of very edgy yet funky soundscapes, this is a ferocious encounter with the band's vigilance, letting the masses know that this will be the flow and pace of heavy metal that they will be working on. Overall, I relished every second of this hard rock beauty and so will you!

Test this electrifying melody down below -

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