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Dizzy Daydreams & Syncopated Skylarks: Exploring the Witty Whirls of Cecilia Vacanti's 'Take It Back'

Cecilia Vacanti is back with yet another playful jazz symphony 'Take It Back' and this will fill your heart with joy! A pivotal track for the facet of her upcoming album 'Earth's Dark Shore', this track would evoke imagery of a smoky jazz lounge or a French cafe in the minds of the listeners. Hand-crafted by the geniuses of Vacanti on the lead violin. Venezuelan guitarist Maurizio Fiore Salas, Ethan Setiawan as the jazz mandolin and Brittany Karlson, this melody is going to elevate your listening to manifolds! With her elegantly melodious improvisation style and exploratory artistry, let's witness the divine aura of Cecilia Vacanti via this release!

Cecilia Vacanti
Cecilia Vacanti

The intricate dance of violin notes bagged by the fun-loving mood rollercoasters, 'Take It Back' is a tangy twist to your usual jazz tracks.

Get ready to swim in the whirlpool of smooth-flowing jazz notes comprising of just the apt amounts of highs and lows. This is very inspiring, tasteful and solid, giving the audience a gist of early swing and the funks of gipsy jazz. Its acoustics change mood like how a chameleon would change its colors when faced with an adventure. Its violin synths speak your soul and make you dance in the most surreal fashion possible. A smooth escalator of pure joy providing nothing but more serenity, this feels like a sonic tale straight out of a fairytale and hence is a must-listen!

Test this divine melody down below -

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