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Discover a Unique and Beautifully Produced Synth-Pop Track, "I'm a God" by My Life Story

My Life Story combines the musical stylings of Nick Evans (guitar), Jack Hosgood (bass), Chris Hardwick (drums), Aimee Smith (keys) and Jake Shillingford (vocals). With the powerful guitar strums and drums being beautiful this track is bang on, to everybody finding good melodies this is the one.

My Life Story has made a mark by putting out great pieces of music, scoring six UK top 40 singles, collaborating with artists like the Pogues and Morrisey, performing at the Reading festival and not forgetting the support for Blur and Pulp.

My Life Story
"I'm a God", a synth-pop banger with influences from rock, blends the genres perfectly. It's a song that challenges the idea of God in prevailing cultures.

My Life Story recently released the EP, "I'm A God". The title track, which goes by the same name definitely has witty lyrics and smooth vocals. The track's production and arrangement are top-notch, with keeping in line the pop sound of My Life Story.

Twinkling keys shine in a retro rainbow, but bold brashness belies the flowing melody

The experimentation of contemporary synth-pop, indie rock and alternative is the amalgamation which gives the track uniqueness and profound sound for the pop listeners.

This track is built upon synth leads, sequences that create an ethereal ambience and beautiful melodies. To its overall appeal, the chord progressions and riffs create the hook, making the listeners bound to stay even when the song has ended.

Test the melody down here-

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