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"DCxPC Live & Dead Vol." by Moat Cobra - A musical masterpiece, beyond any genre.

Moat Cobra
Moat Cobra

"DCxPC Live & Dead Vol." by Moat Cobra doesn't fail to flirt with your neurons & psyche. Not many albums; especially metal bands have such diverse musical rollercoaster. Moat Cobra is a metallic, punk-rock band formed in 2013 in Orlando, Florida. They have their own language of music that screams creativity and it's gripping, it's electrifying and it's thrilling. The album is a mix of live recordings named 'Live' and studio recordings named 'Dead,' all pressed on limited 200 copies of violet vinyl. 'Live' version offers a garden of music while the 'Dead' version offers ocean of music.

The drums played alongside bass gives a different kind of high, as if you're lost in a rock-metallic psychedelic trance.

The very first track hits hard and dwell us into a world of hardcore metal. Brett Beavers's screaming vocal texture is unbelievable, it's fierce. The emotional depth & versatility adds to the intense listening experience. The guitar seems to have imparted life, it's sick. The riffs by Dave Moreno are nasty & spine chilling. Vocals & guitars aside, I'm absolutely all in for the drums, played by Al Serrano and bass played by Roberto Oppenheimer. Not all the tracks flow seamlessly within the narrative, and the genre could be a little more overwhelming for some listeners but most of the tracks are raw, euphoric & full of energy. "DCxPC Live & Dead Vol." by Moat Cobra takes you further deep into Moat Cobra’s world with the studio version of the same tracks and it showcases the creativity of the band.

I love the concept of mix recordings. It's intriguing & fresh. "DCxPC Live & Dead Vol." by Moat Cobra is aggressive, and the aggression is bang on evident with each & every track. You can't miss it if your preferences & likes are anywhere close to rock & metal. With a blend of fierce energy & wild compositions, the album offers a thrilling experience of unapologetically bold music.

Check out the thrilling album here :



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