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Daniel Bohn's 'Emotions of the Sky' is ruthlessly aggressive.

Daniel Bohn
Daniel Bohn

Daniel Bohn's album 'Emotions of the Sky' justifies the title of the album quite ruthlessly. Daniel Bohn is from St. Louis, Missouri, U.S. Bohn have had been playing music from a very young age and wanted to be the greatest drummer, before he picked up guitar & piano, as he grew up. His musical art is influenced by the likes of 'Between the buried and me,' 'Porcupine tree,' 'Opeth,' and many more. It's hard to believe that Bohn is the solo artist of the entire album, as it includes guitars, drums, piano & bass all played masterfully by him, including his crazy vocals. 'Emotions of the Sky' is the third chapter of Daniel Bohn's tetralogy, and I'm finding it extremely difficult to recall, the last time I heard/listened something as crazy & diverse as "Emotions of the Sky' by 'Daniel Bohn.' The album's first song, 'The Red Blight' is about the start of the corruption, while the last track, 'Kujira' is about the death of our courage. The album is dark, ambitious, vindictive & ruthlessly aggressive.

Multi-skilled Daniel Bohn's play of instruments is unbelievable; brace yourself and just listen to the drums, it shall certainly blow your mind.

'Emotions of the Sky' by Daniel Bohn is hard to describe as a genre as there's so much happening over all the tracks. The drums have got character, and personally for me, drums are the heart & soul of the album. Guitars sound equally abstract as drums, the aggressive riffs act as a sword that is ready for the revenge. The bass is heavy, hard-hitting & paced. I love the inclusion of piano; it keeps the album grounded & justifies the multi-genre of the album. I'm unaware of the fact whether Daniel Bohn is vocally trained or not, but there are hardly few artists, who possess such vocal range. 'The Red Blight;' the first song of the album offers enough evidence on Bohn's magical vocals. There's a hint of huskiness to his voice that simply elevates the listening experience. My favorite track of the album has to be 'The Red Blight.' It begins & ends with a very soothing music, played on Piano & low-key singing. I was taken aback as soon as the electric guitar & drums fade in between, completely changing the track of the song. The wild fusion of howling vocals, alongside the aggressive instruments creates a psychedelic atmosphere of a very progressive rock/metal music. I love the slow & spooky bridge as well, Alt Rock at its best. The other seven tracks in the album include Divinity, Alone, Silver Winds, Oizys, Disdained Gods, Putrefacation & Kujira. Most of the tracks are similar in arrangement; progresses from a slow & mellow rhythm to an aggressive & darker rhythm, from low-key vocals & mellow piano vibes to hard-hitting drums & electrifying electronic guitar vibes. I love the spaces & silences in songs like 'Disdained Gods; sounds like a nice religious hymn. The transitions & fusion used in almost all the songs is out of the box.

Daniel Bohn's album 'Emotions of the Sky' is a musical treasure that shall strike fire in the hearts of listeners & bring tears from the eyes of listeners. The album is immensely layered, thoughtful, raw and cinematic, as it doesn't fail to capture & narrate the dark stories that this album offers! 'Emotions of the Sky' is a magical creation of Daniel Bohn.

Check out Bohn's brutal album 'Emotions of the Sky.' -



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