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Cultural Cadences: 'India' by Parmy Dhillon is an outstanding fusion

Parmy Dhillon
Parmy Dhillon

Gluing together genre-fluid musical fragments, Parmy Dhillon is an exceptionally skilled artist putting together profound melodies. This Melbourne-based singer-songwriter crafts empowering music composed of naked emotions, mellow, textured, upbeat hooks, and tonally darker lyrics. Since his debut in 2008, Parmy Dhillon has executed several music projects and continued to deliver us aural beauties cooked with his unique style. As he fuses alternative uplifting rhythms with evocative storytelling, the aural art piece takes our hearts and leaves us wanting more. Emanating the timeless essence of the great social commentator songwriters like Tom Petty and Bob Dylan, the artist places every note and pitch flawlessly.

Harmonious, flowy, and magnificent: 'India' is a perfect blend of contemporary pop and India's cultural music beautifications, brewing a most wonderful sonic beverage.

This latest release by Parmy Dhillon, 'India', is an ode to his father, who recently passed away in India. A conduit to express his longing to return to his own home and heritage, this record is a reminder to the artist of who he is. The track is a complexity of Indian classical instruments mended with pop vocals and other symphonic elements. It is a great beauty of fusion.

Test this beautiful melody down here:

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