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Crystal Castle & Champagne Dreams: Decoding the Astral Elevations of Trevour Amunga's 'Akira Blues'

Trevour Amunga is back on grind yet again with the bougie verses of his brand new tune compilation, ' Akira's Blues' and it's too addictive to ignore! A vivacious rapper/songwriter hailing from Kenya, Trevour is currently based in the vibrant city of LA. His soundscapes are sprinkled with magic, combining charming elements of poetry and authenticity. With a musical canvas as iridescent and colorful as his, let's decode his brand-new tune compilation! 

Trevour Amunga
Trevour Amunga

Rightfully said by Trevour himself, this is the flavorful side of hip-hop that will respectfully elevate your senses and teleport you into a pink candy cane nirvana!

We begin this dreamy journey with the labyrinths of 'Candy Point'. This is full of ethereal and pacifying beats, with Trevour's toned-down appealing vocals. Aspiring lyrics brimming with self-confidence and grace, every minute of this single is worth devouring. 'My Cousin Housee' is a moment of sultry story-telling that seems to melt into one's skin. An ignition of intimacy and romanticism, this is very beautiful and vivaciously overpowering.

Last but not least, 'Brixton 3d' is yet another banger that is very hip and hard-hitting than the other soft-raps in the album. Telling you to find a way out of the odds, this is a romantic ballad that infuses the elements of love-hysteria as gracefully as possible. I fell in love with the soundscapes here, and I'm pretty sure you would too!  

Test this ethereal tune compilation down below -

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