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Cosmic Rock Chorales: Galactic Gradients of Luma Fade's 'Lunar Decay'

Crossing borders to make the world of science-fiction collide with pure fantasy, as Luma Fade finally dropped his highly anticipated single, 'Lunar Decay"! A flame of talent burning ever since lockdown, Luma has experienced life with music on ever since he was a kid. As someone who spent his teenage years watching 120 Minutes on MTV, he initially ventured into the field of rock only to realise that he's built differently. Post-pandemic, he found his true calling and began tip-toeing around instrumental. Influenced by legends like Joy Division, The Cure, Mazzy Star and Ocean Blue to name a few. Presenting this generation's genre-defying sounds of Luma Fade in 'Lunar Decay'!

Luma Fade
Luma Fade

'Lunar Decay' is a beautiful anecdote about the passage of time, and how everything, whether its circumstances or seasons, changes yet nothing does.

We break into the 'Lunar Decay' album through the numbing alts of Passion Fall. A track that almost feels like a severe moment of self-reflection, the sonic spheres here are highly pacifying, making it a perfect dreamscape yet the perfect track to play anywhere. Whereas, 'Nove Sunshine', the name suggests a brand new start. Dept, hues of summer yet cold, this track is gonna go planet.

Passing the melodic venture of 'Spring Sobriety', there is a fading hue of tranquillity and mystique in the air, as this release truly feels like a moment of self-actualisation. Then we arrive at the raw energy of 'Monsoon Morning' that is mixed with hints of rock, taking you further away from reality than you could imagine.

It's almost as if we're witnessing the wrath of time in 'Autumn Endings'. A track that denotes the fading away of happiness into nihilation, this feels like a notion of rebellion towards returning to reality. A galactic wonderland where seasons transpire abruptly, 'Dimmer Summer', as the name suggests, exactly feels like a toned-down version of the pacifying summer moods.

Then we arrive at what can seemingly be termed as the control room for it all,' Loop Analog'. A mix of sounds from a moving machine and indie, this feels like a dream. On the contrary,' Twilight Hours' feels like the backdrop of a perfect action film, with all the intensities and musical climaxes set in the right proportions.

Last but not least,' Winter Warming' feels like the perfect end to the adventurous indie affair. A track that sets a rush of adrenaline down the spine of listeners, by the end of this album you're hooked. A must listen to push forward one's creative barriers.

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