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Concrete Chronicles: The Verbal Vigilance of Dax's 'Catch The Rain'

The phenomenal Dax is back yet again with a timeless rap revelation,' Catch The Rain'. A rap icon hailing from Canada, Dax is a legend in the making whose artistry is straightforward notions of speaking the truth. Currently residing in Wichita, US, Dax initially started a career in Basketball, only to discover his true passion for poetry and music later on. After hitting milestones by covering Tupac in his style, Dax is slowly crafting his magnetic sphere in this highly competitive genre of hip-hop, and we're here for it!


Endless forging fires of consumption contribute to a sensation of numbness, 'Catch The Rain' is a moment of relapsing faith, a mirror to the lives all of us are living through different bodies.

One thing about Dax is, that his music always makes you sulk into the retrospectives of your life, and that is exactly what 'Catch The Rain' is. A moment of seeking for a humble ground almost feels like a cry for help, where one seems to be struggling to escape the enormous limelight. Being unable to touch grass, feels like a war between one's entity versus their heart. With verses granting access to the harsh truths of reality, this encourages you to step outside of the internet bubble, spreading the message that embracing and living life is a much rather rare phenomenon these days. Luring fake notions of materialism, trying to consume one's life's actions in a way that they left to decapitate and find newer daunting means of escape, this talks about Dax's musical struggles by rather being on-point with the sad realities all of us are going through right now, thus a pure masterpiece of a track that would strike a nerve for listeners.

Test this infuriating melody down below -

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