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Cocooning as his life's Amber - Ace Pariston's 'Papilio'!

Ace Pariston
Ace Pariston

Stockholm-raised Ace Pariston returns to the music scene with his latest majestic musical madness, 'Papilio'! A wanderer in the genres of alt, rap, pop and RnB, his style is mostly described as versatile, whereas his sonic deliveries serve as a well-rounded, energy-infused icing on the top! Having graced the School of Arts: AMB Tingsryd, Pariston aims to portray evident imageries of areas like the death of innocence, coming of age, growth, melancholia, nihilism, passion and hustle. 'Papilio' stands as his own life's mirror in the form of tracks, quite beautifully compared to the life cycle of a butterfly.

As a versatile alt-rock album with an array of emotions, 'Papilio' isn't just some normal tune compilation, but indeed is a beautiful slice of Ace's emotional headspace.

We begin the musical journey of 'Papilio' with dreamy piano verses of 'limbo'. A track that feels like a lucid dream, it is an appeal to the artistic genres of both rap and indie. Combining emotional elements of hustle, pain, agony, overwhelmness and many more, it is a reality-check to Ace's personal life. Then we proceed to the melancholia that surrounds 'Alas'. A hazy encounter with his personality, it is an ode to his confidence, that is uprising from the shackles of darkness and delusion.

'Papilio' takes into the dreamscape and falls deeper into the layers of alt, and it feels like the tranquil verse that channels originality. Then we arrive at the funky groovy beats of 'poison'! An abstract power-packed with surreal rap verses and base-infused lyrics, this is something that's hard to recover from!

'100reasons'is one of the most colorful tracks from the album, that evidently infuse life back into a moment. As a track comprising sound crashes and atypical video-game-like backdrops, the is a sweet uprising, probably of the feeling of love. The next track 'Cold' feels like an alternative version to the last track. Channelling the confessions of a confusion-occupied love throb, this is by far the most vibrant way to express rage in the form of a track.

Then we arrive at the mad confidence and power levels at 'silverblueskyline'. It feels like a total blockbuster! Infusing elements like rock, EDM, and indie, this is an iconic moment for Ace!'iceprince' on the contrary feels like a dancey and up-done version of love and iconic rap blended with Mosiac beatscapes.

As we transcend through tracks like the abstract 'obsidian', is a gentle reminder that all of us must and should strive to search and originally accept the losses and take even the smallest victories in the stride of a victory, yet in the most cascading beaten song ever! The world isn't ready for the next soothing, sultry track 'rock101' that carries the infectious Avril Lavigne energy! It is a revolutionary rock beat of the early 200s! A cute love story inside a lucid dream, that indeed is a depiction of the things even Ace has witnessed or the emotions he seeks.

Then we're drawn into the halos of 'untrue'. It feels like a moment of self-reflection is nothing but the processing of emotional halts that one might experience at some point in their life, so much so that one becomes afraid of dreaming, and sadly, even afraid of trying. A complete mood shift happens at the daunting verses of the last three tracks 'zzz', 'newmessiah' and 'blackumbrella'. In these tracks, Ace returns back to his rap-element infused with hustle, nostalgia, gratefulness and many more. A fire-infused rollercoaster ride through emotions transcending dimensions, this album is a must-listen!

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