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Cipher in the City: Decoding the Gritty Beats of W1ZZY's 'Keep The Change'

W1ZZY returns to the masses with new borne fire with his latest release 'Keep The Change' and this would send chills down your spine! Hailing from the city of London, this is the artist's third release of the year. As someone who has recently set foot in the rapping game, W1ZZY's sound mixes US rap with a UK twist. The artist has also performed at some notable venues like Capital xtra and BBC 1xtra radio stations and is now ready to take the worldwide audience on a reflective journey through his sound. Recorded in West London and mixed, mastered and produced by the artist himself, let's witness the wrath of this new hip-hop sensation!


Spunky rhymes infused with groovy synths and whistles, 'Keep The Change' would embark enthusiasm in your soul!

Speaking volumes about the ruthless life of a teenager living on the streets, this is fueled by passion, aggression and a drive to slam down the bullies. A window into W1ZZY's current life, this explains how he's living a life beyond the beliefs of those who looked down upon him, and now the most they can do is keep the change. Smooth flowing, substantial, catchy and unhinged, this is everything one seeks in a hip-hop track and hence is a must-listen.

Test this unhinged melody down below -

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