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'Chaos' by Ryan Yingst paints striking metaphysical imageries on the listener's mind

Ryan Yingst
Ryan Yingst

Ryan Yingst is a multi-genre artist based out of Nashville Tennessee who embraces his improvisational skills and cuts down on overproduction of music that is so commonly seen in the industry as of lately. His songs attempt to convey multitudinous themes that he borrows from his personal experiences. Ryan incorporates his acumen of playing improvisational live music in the studio versions of his songs as well.

"Ryan effortlessly conveys his message with great verisimilitude, not confusing his listeners but almost coming out in front of them as a helping hand, touching on tough subject matters."

'Chaos' depicts a feeling of angst and discomfort but leaves us with a hope that life goes on in an even keel no matter how the sudden joyous atmosphere around us changes from time to time. Ryan's voice truly shines on this one which offers modulation and keeps the listener hooked throughout the runtime. The voice can remind you of Ed Sheeran, and the calm moments of the song may remind you of Elliot Smith. Ryan uses the simplistic production effectively as the backing vocals swiftly chime in from time to time.

Definitely give this track a listen if you're into music that blends many genres into one and conveys so much with no little and effectively at that.

Test this melody for yourself here -



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