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Celestial Rapture: Witness the Aria of the Rising Phoenix with War of Gods of the Deep's 'Breaker of Worlds'

War of Gods of the Deep returns to the masses with the electrifying pulses of their new story-driven track 'Breaker of Worlds'! Hailing from the vibrant city of Chicago, War Gods of the Deep have been a captivating force in the musical landscape ever since their debut in 2016. Channeling a plethora of sub-genres of classic rock in their musical maestro, their sound is highly innovative and would also resonate with the newcomers of this genre. A vision of Rikk Currence that came to life, their sound is categorized by dynamic rhythms, thunderous riffs and passionate vocals. Let's break the mold of the ordinary with their brand-new release!

War of Gods of the Deep
War of Gods of the Deep

Prog rock is mystically packed together in a flavorful beat that sounds like pure magic and chaos, this is too cool to be true!

Commemorating the deep-rooted country ensembles of the 70s, and 80s classic rock and hints of nu metal from the 90s, this prog rock feels like a majestic awakening into the new dawn of change. This feels like a romanticization of striving for good in life with honesty, and the raw struggles that accompany in the process. Accompanied by heavy metal and surprising pop elements, this will instill a feeling of self-confidence in the minds of listeners, telling them that they are the main voice of it all and the deal-breaking entity for the world.

Test this electrifying melody down below -

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