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Catastrophic Cadence: 'Wave Goodbye - Downtown Session' will leave you in awe

Drawing influences from the grunge era that included Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, and Alice in Chains, Eddie Cohn is an inexplicably talented Indie-rock artist shining through the neighborhoods of Los Angeles, US. Showcasing his love for other artists, Eddie states, "I have had the pleasure to meet some incredibly talented musicians since LA is truly a hub for creative powerhouses. The cool thing about being a "solo artist" is being able to work with new people." The artist discovered his passion for the sonic art form at the young age of 3 when he explored the notes of his family piano.

Eddie Cohn
Eddie Cohn
A smooth and serene strum of guitar, sheltering a mesmerizing magnificence of the musical art: 'Wave Goodbye - Downtown Session' is truly extraordinary.

The acoustics of an aural creation never cease to surprise you and leave you shocked. This release, 'Wave Goodbye - Downtown Session' by Eddie Cohn, is the acoustic version of one of his previous records titled 'Wave Goodbye', providing a home to an exquisite compilation of acoustic guitar riffs combined into a composition that gives peace to your soul.

Test this beautiful melody down here:

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