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Cacophony To Canvas: Sonic Sojourn to Abstract Jazz in Connie Lansberg's 'Seconds And Circles'!

Let's float onto the musical labyrinth of Connie Lansberg's latest release,' Seconds and Circles'! Hailing from Melbourne, Australia, Connie's artistry aims to escape the matrix by creating genuinely abstract works of art that fearlessly experiment and embrace authenticity. Modelling the acceptance of reality in her sound, let's witness the aural symphonies of sound in Connie's music!

Connie Lansberg
Connie Lansberg

Escaping the primitiveness in music, this latest release breaks the barriers of conventionalism and will set your soul free!

'Seconds and Circles' is a moment of celebrating the ingenuity in jazz. A release that embraces authenticity with its backdrop of accessible melodies, spectacular pianoscapes and poignant lyricism, this is an ode to heartfelt storytelling and Connie's poetic supremacy, that seems to shine throughout the track. With highly talented Mark Fitzgibbon as her co-writer on this song, Ben Hanlon on the bass and sheer drumming by Peter Hodges, this track will truly elevate your listening experience.

Test this ecstatic melody down below -

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