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Breeze Bliss: The Euphoric Equinox of Allie Jean's 'Pretty On The Outside'

Filling into the exotic summery vibes, Allie Jean returns to the masses with her soft rock marvel,' Pretty on the Outside'! Being the second single under her upcoming debut tune compilation,' This Drink is For the Hard Times.' An upbeat track that aims to reach the epitome of reliability, this feels like the revival of a nostalgic yearning. Allie, a creative hailing from the countryside, aims to experiment in musical arenas like modern pop, country, and indie rock. Exploring themes like love, life and strength of character, she longs to embody a meaningful venture with her sound, where not everything is about getting wasted.

Allie Jean
Allie Jean

A happy-go-lucky, fresh and upbeat tune with harmonies to die for, this track is everything something summery might feel.

Brewing romance, 'Pretty on the Outside' features Aliie's unhinged vocals, cottage core harmonies, driving drus\ms and an anthemic chorus, all submerging into the pacifying lores of her sound. She remarkably captures emotions like nostalgia and seems to yearn for affection from the potential other who's pretty on the outside. She begins to highlight how although they blame her, she still reminisces about the halos that she envisions on the top of their head, as their beauty is too addictive to not be admired. This is a feel-good track that will entice the listeners like no other.

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