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Boundless Brilliance: Exploring 'Detonate' with The Manimals

The Manimals
The Manimals

The Manimals embody the quintessence of infectious pop melodies, dazzling glam-rock performances, and authentic emotional connections. Their latest single, "Detonate," commences as an introspective power ballad before erupting into a wild rock and roll whirlwind. This immersive and supremely cathartic experience is born from the yearning to shatter boundaries and rejuvenate one's spirit. Far from being an ordinary musical ensemble, The Manimals are a New York City phenomenon, guiding their followers towards transcendental euphoria within the realms of rock & roll. Fronted by the enchanting Haley Bowery, donning blood and exceptional entertainment, The Manimals represent both a celebration and a dreamlike queer fantasy enveloped in a playful messianic aura.

A resounding rock renaissance reverberates through the electrifying and sky-high vocals, giving birth to an aura of brilliance.

"Detonate" by The Manimals serves as an explosive power ballad that explores deep introspection while embracing transformative catharsis. This song encapsulates the band's theatrical core and induces a spectrum of emotions. Accompanied by a music video filmed on an iPhone by Zoe Briskey, it captures lead singer Haley Bowery navigating an existential odyssey spanning all elements. Produced by Ben Schrier and recorded at NES Sound, "Detonate" showcases mesmerizing vocals, hypnotic guitar arrangements, and an irresistibly anthemic bridge. From beginning to end, this experience is utterly enthralling!

Test this electrifying melody down below -



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