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Boombox Blast: Reviving the Golden Era of Hip-Hop with B~nYcebeats' 'Turn The Beat Up'

Back on the grind in the music, B~nYcebeats returns to the masses with this classic hip-hop banger, 'Turn The Heat Up'! Spurring up your regular hip-hop with some classic spark, B~nYcebeats, also known as Brain Martin Johnson has marveled at this sensational OG sound. Sounding almost raw, passionate, energizing and distinctly special, B~nYcebeats' beatscapes sound very nostalgic and smooth, and with the changing textures of his tone in the release, this almost sounds like an icing on the cake to experience the gold that enticed our ears ages ago. Here to help the industry shapeshift for the better, let's welcome the swagger mix of B~nYcebeats' sound! 


Sounding almost like the rap roots yet bringing in freshness of this day and age, this is an absolute disco jam that will blaze up their clubs!

Throwing swag like confetti, this is a party bop that seems to revive the classic swagger of the early 2000s and late 1990s with ease. With rash and almost captive and addictive lyrics, this is very bougie and sounds like a fierce sonic reverie that sounds like a direct reference to the legends in the game, Biggie, Birdy, and Lil Wayne and makes you time-travel into the realms of these classics. With absolutely smooth-gliding rap verses and so much ice on this tune, this is going to ace on the dancefloor!

Test this hip-hop melody down below -

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